Updated District 15 Leaders for 2016/2017

District 15 Director Lori Welter, DTM

District 15 Director
Dear District 15 Toastmasters,

I am looking forward to serving you as District 15 Director this year! Your district officers and I have committed to Leading with Lagniappe!
I feel irit of Toastmasters is summed up by the word lagniappe, which means something given or obtained gratuitously. As members of the District 15 Toastmasters Family, we strive to give more of ourselves than asked, and in turn, we receive more than we ever expected. After all, it takes a district to raise a Toastmaster. In Toastmasters, we are encouraged to try new things in a supportive environment without fear. I encourage you to risk and take to heart one of my favorite expressions: Leap and the net will appear! This year, L.E.A.P. stands for leadership, education, achievement, and a president’s distinguished district goal. Ralph Smedley said that we learn best in times of enjoyment, so let’s have some fun in all we do in District 15! Laissez les bon temps roulez! Let the good times roll!

Program Quality Director Donna Oswald, CC, ALB

District 15 Director

Emphasizing the need for clubs to provide a quality environment is crucial to enabling each of our members to achieve their educational goals. If we focus our minds on building quality clubs, we will achieve it. Quality Clubs are those that keep meetings interesting and fun while working towards education goals. With division directors, area directors and club officers, we will work together to make a difference, to enable all members to reach their potential and transforming them into effective communicators and leaders.

Club Growth Director Robert Graves, DTM

Club Growth Director

Modify for Roberts Position To be a strong District we need to share our resources and knowledge. Doing so will strengthen our existing clubs and create opportunities to build new clubs. As your Club Growth Director I will define an overall marketing strategy for the district, develop an outreach and retention program for existing community and corporate clubs, and reach out to new markets so that the benefits of Toastmasters membership becomes available to all who are interested in participating.

Immediate Past District Director Steve Piet, DTM

Immediate Past District Director

I am passionate about:

  • Every Toastmaster in every club deserves a mentor.
  • Every Toastmaster deserves to be in a Distinguished Club and
  • it takes a District and a Club to raise a Toastmaster.
Let's all learn, serve and enjoy the mission of Toastmasters together.