Personal Growth is Limited Only by Excuses

How many opportunities do people encounter to grow as leaders, communicators and individuals? We live with a constant stream of growth opportunities, everytime we lead, communicate or interact with another individual. However, most people seldomly accept these abundant opportunities for growth. We are adept at coming up with lots of reasons to avoid personal growth, simply because it can be a bit intimidating.

Why Toastmasters?

“Toastmasters helps develop Communication and Leadership skills.”
—David Garbrecht, Geologist

However, since 1924, and in over 126 countries, Toastmasters has successfully helped over a million members enjoy success through growth in communication and leadership. We are successful because our goal is to create a safe environment to make mistakes as we learn together. Toastmasters works because:

Toastmasters is a public organization that welcomes visitors with open arms. While we all live with a constant stream of growth opportunities, visiting a Toastmasters club is one of the best of these opportunities you can accept. Simply take the first step to joining Toastmasters by visiting a club.