Why Start a New Club?

While District 15 has a wide variety of Toastmasters Clubs to meet the diverse needs of members in terms of location and schedules, sometimes the best answer is to charter a new club. In this case, starting a new club is easier than you might think. Toastmasters International and the District 15 Marketing Team are ready to help you begin a new club that fits your schedule, your location and your circumstances.

Businesses invest significant amounts of time and money to develop leadership skills, to hone the communication abilities and to improve critical thinking capacities of employees. Competitive pressure necesitates having a highly capable workforce who can respond with quick mental agility, communicate with extraordinary skill, and provide effective feedback. For many businesses, sponsoring a corporate Toastmasters club has been a very low cost way to meet these strategic needs.

To discuss a demonstration meeting or how to sponsor a new club, contact District 15 Marketing. You may be surprised how easy it is to start a new club within your business organization.